Microgaming Free Play

Game statistics play an important role in deciding the optimal strategy for playing online casino games and that also helps in exploring wagering pattern. Most of the online game providers allow players to check game statistics that provide lots of useful information to the players. Microgaming is also one of the online casino gaming software providers which allows its player to check Microgaming Free Play game's statistics right through software client. To be an expert in online casino games it is important to understand the meaning of these vital statistics, how they can be accessed in Microgaming Free Play games and how they can be used to win a game.

If you want to access statistics of Microgaming Free Play slot game then you are required to click on the 'STATS' option that is located at the bottom toolbar and a statistic box will pop up showing all statistics detail that is related to current session. In case of Microgaming Free Play slot games only general statistics are displayed.

The statistics box can be divided into two sections. One is 'Spin Results' and other is 'Highest Wins'. The data shown in Spin results section is number of spin played, session time and spins played per hour. By observing these statistics player get a rough idea that how much time he require to play this Microgaming Free Play game and he can also do the required adjustment in his wager. There are various advanced options are provided in Microgaming Free Play game like Quick spin or Auto Play option. If player feels that he is playing quite slow then he can opt for such options. The second section which is the highest win provides the amounts of three highest win in the current session. Player can reset this data or he can continue with this data.

In case of Blackjack you can find the statistics data by clicking '%' button which is located at bottom left. On clicking this button, statistics box will pop up having four tabs and by default it opens with general tab.