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Free web arcade games can be exceptionally difficult to find, especially when someone is searching for a particular genre or title. There are many sites that host arcade games, though not all sites host the best free web arcade games. Web arcade games are meant to be fun and addicting, not difficult to find and even harder to play. Eongamez.com is the portal that will help gamers to find what they're looking for, whether they want to play first person shooters, puzzle games or anything in between. The free arcade games listed here do not require annoying downloads and signups, nor does anyone have to pay a single cent to play.

"Plankton Life" is a free web arcade game with cute but simple graphics, an appealing underwater-themed palette and interesting gameplay. The news stories about the blackjack casino are showing up on the net. The buzz is created due to the arrival of a whole new set of web casino games. You can sample the games through the http://www.jeuxblackjack.fr/ website. It is a perfect casino guide. The player uses the mouse to control a tiny underwater organism that must eat power-ups to evolve and has to avoid all obstacles in its way while trying to grow. This high-speed game has levels of increasing difficulty, various creatures and objects to avoid, controls that are easy to understand and a highly visible evolution bar in addition to two play modes.

"Joking Apart Video Poker" is a video poker arcade game that features bright-colored graphics, an easily understood scoring system and a simple "betting" system. Even someone who is new to video poker will find "Joking Apart" to be extremely simple to play. There is no guesswork involved when trying to figure out the mechanics.

"Frozen Imps" is an interesting and addicting puzzle/shooter game that is extremely simple to play. The player uses their mouse to control cannons, which much be aimed and fired at red blocks to destroy them. Once the blocks are destroyed, the player must fire their cannons at the frozen imp and cause it to fall through the newly-opened gaps and into a fire to thaw and free them. The color palette is simple but appealing and the levels quickly increase in complexity.

These and more free web arcade games are listed at Eongamez.com, the online portal for discovering web games. Eongamez.com's listings are maintained on a regular basis so that there are never any dead links or strange, unplayable games. Web arcade games are meant to be fun, and Eongamez.com lists only the most fun web arcade games available: after all, the fun comes from playing, not looking for arcade games.

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